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Work with Real People Who Get What You Need

Helping Build a Better Workplace One Client at a Time

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. We get it. You need individualized staffing solutions.

When it comes to finding the right employee for the right job, you don’t have time for guesswork. At JMJ, we believe that our clients typically know what they want. We will work closely with each client to identify their exact staffing needs, along with the skill set they expect each candidate to posses.

The JMJ expertise plus individual input from each client delivers a win-win solution…every time.

Choose the Right Staffing Solution to Fit Your Business Needs


Call Center Management

JMJ has expertise in managing the unique requirements of call centers. Our web-based recruiting methods allow JMJ to quickly locate, recruit and train large quantities of qualified candidates to accommodate any of our clients’ anticipated or unexpected needs. JMJ also has the flexibility to adjust our programs to the seasonal staffing needs of call centers, seamlessly merging our programs with those already in place.


Direct Hire

You’re busy. We understand that. We will recruit, evaluate and interview full-time candidates for you. We will then present you with individuals who are qualified to fill the position. This will significantly reduce the time you spend searching for a qualified candidate, providing you with the staffing solution you’ve been looking for.



JMJ staffing services will handle the responsibilities for your entire payroll process, including taxes, benefits, pay, workers’ compensation, unemployment, and more. You focus on managing your core business, and let us take care of the payroll process.



JMJ can provide your organization with an on-site coordinator for dedicated assistance with day-to-day recruiting functions. We will handle the management of daily workforce and production planning, increasing your productivity and reducing tiresome administrative burdens.



Unpredictable changes in workforce demand happen. JMJ can help provide you with skilled temporary candidates to manage seasonal workload increases, or short-term and long-term employee absences. These workers will help you continue to reach your business goals.



If you’re not sure whether you need to hire a full-time employee or not, our temp-to-hire staffing service is ideal for you. Plus, you can “try before you buy,” reducing the risk of inefficient hires. During a trial period, you can decide if the candidate is a good fit for your open position before making a definite decision.


Candidate Screening

Based on almost 20 years of interviewing and recruiting experience, JMJ will screen each candidate for work experience, availability, salary requirements, and an overall skill set. All of our recruiters complete the ASA Certified Staffing Professional certification.
Our detailed value-added screening process includes the following:

  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Skill level Evaluation
  • Reference Checks

Industries We Know & Staff

Here are some of the job industries and positions we typically fill for our employers to find their staffing needs. From entry level to management, we can assist with finding candidates for both contingent and retained employment.

Accounting & Finance

  • Analyst
  • Accountant
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk
  • Analyst
  • Auditor
  • Banking Professional
  • Bookkeeper
  • Finance Professional
  • Payroll

Administration/Human Resources

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Call Center
  • Customer Service
  • Data Entry
  • Executive Assistant
  • Human Resources
  • Receptionist
  • Sales Professional
  • Secretary

Information Technology

  • Analyst
  • Computer Engineer
  • Desktop Support
  • Network Administrator
  • Product Management
  • Programmer
  • Software Developer
  • Technical Support
  • Web Developer


  • Assembly
  • Industrial
  • Labor
  • Manufacturing
  • Production
  • Quality Control
  • Technician
  • Warehouse