Employment Solutions in Northwest Indiana: Distribution Center Jobs

Distribution center jobs in Northwest Indiana

Distribution centers are warehouses and specialized buildings where products are temporarily stored and quickly distributed to resellers or directly to customers. All major retailers – Walmart, Kroger, Amazon, etc. – have distribution centers across the country. In Northwest Indiana, there are distribution centers for specialty companies, national retailers and locally owned businesses. With so much demand to get products in and out, it’s no wonder some of the most in-demand jobs in our area are in distribution centers! JMJ Talent Solutions, INC is always looking to staff distribution centers with quality local employees. Read on to learn more about how this might be the perfect placement for you.

Why Work in a Distribution Center?

Distribution center jobs are fast-paced and high-energy, with a typical pay range of $15-25 an hour, depending on the position and level. Aside from the pace and pay, there are many reasons to work in a distribution center. These centers typically only require a high school diploma or GED, offer career advancement opportunities and promotions, and provide great benefits. You can also work overtime or work longer shifts for fewer days a week. That means more time off on the weekends! To top it off, distribution centers usually offer health insurance, retirement plans and other benefits. 

Set yourself apart for a distribution center job with an exceptional work ethic, great communication skills and the ability to learn and adapt quickly. Having these qualities makes you a great candidate for the positions below. It also helps to have a forklift operator certification and experience with Microsoft Word and Excel.

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Jobs in Distribution Centers

Distribution Center Associate

In this role, you’ll help prepare shipments for resellers and customers while keeping records of each shipment. Associate positions may require driving a forklift to move pallets from one area into a truck, reviewing computerized receipts and supporting other team members with their assignments.

Warehouse Order Selector

In this position, you’ll operate industrial equipment to move items and pallets. You may wrap orders with cellophane and other materials or deliver orders to the shipping dock.

Material Handler

Material handlers help organize the distribution center by moving products and appropriately labeling them for others. They also ensure that product isn’t damaged or missing and log that information in computer systems.

Warehouse Supervisor

After proving your worth as an associate, you may be promoted into a supervisory role. In this role, you oversee the work of other associates and ensure their productivity is high. You may also communicate with other supervisors in different centers about products, trucks and loads.

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