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A manufacturing job involves the creation of new products and goods for consumers from a variety of materials through the assembly of different physical, chemical, or mechanical components. Manufacturing can be as big as the production of cars, phones or prepackaged food, or it can be on a smaller scale, such as envelopes, picture frames, or doughnuts. That means there are always plenty of employment opportunities in manufacturing, because there are always products being produced all over the globe. 


With manufacturing processes changing all the time, JMJ Talent Solutions, Inc. can help you break down the positions available, find out how much they’re paying, and make sure you know the required education, training and experience that will help you land one of these in-demand employment opportunities. We have all the information and tools you need to find the manufacturing job that will create the foundation for your future.


There’s a wide variety of assembly jobs available in manufacturing, and each of them require specialized training and qualifications. An assembly worker needs to meticulously follow instructions to complete a particular cast, typically using a combination of tools, machines, and equipment to construct a final product, including everything from airplanes to wigs.

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Industrial jobs in manufacturing include a variety of responsibilities, including moving raw materials to a factory, storing finished products in a warehouse, shipping products to consumers, and more. You may find yourself working in light industry positions, which involves the creation of consumer-oriented products such as clothes, shoes, furniture, consumer electronics or home appliances. You might also fall into the heavy industry sector, such as the creation of planes, trains, and automobiles. Due to the advancement of technology, these jobs tend to focus on management, maintenance, and transportation.


General labor is an invaluable and necessary part of manufacturing. Positions may require little training for tasks such as sweeping, shoveling, and cleaning, or they may involve more specialized work involving blow torches, forklifts, and other equipment that requires certain training and qualifications. The job of a laborer largely depends on their place of employment.

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In manufacturing, production includes many different positions, such as machine operators, line workers, planning managers, engineers, product testers, packagers, shipping agents, and more. Each of these positions is an important part of manufacturing with varying responsibilities and required qualifications. 


A career in manufacturing might have you working in the warehouse, which includes positions in  inventory, logistics, distribution planning, and transportation. Some of the above positions in manufacturing may also be part of warehouse operations, such as assembling materials like compressors and engines, working on assembly lines or distribution docks for production, or moving materials with a forklift.

What do you need to get started?

Manufacturing jobs can require different skills and experience depending on the job you’re seeking. But overall, it’s important to have sharpened critical thinking skills, excellent problem-solving skills, and probably some math, science, or engineering experience for more advanced positions. While many positions require unique qualifications, there are also entry-level positions that will provide you all the training and experience required.

But what you really need is JMJ Talent Solutions, Inc. to find the right job for you.

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