Northwest Indiana Production Jobs

Production is booming in the Midwest, and northwest Indiana is no exception. With many manufacturing plants growing in the Region, there are more production jobs than ever. JMJ can help you find the perfect production role for your skills and abilities. And if you’re an employer looking for production staffing solutions, we can provide that, too!

What Production Workers Do

Production is a broad field. At its core, production is about creating materials and putting them together to make a product. Because producing any given product requires many parts and skills, there are plenty of production job openings! In general, production workers use machinery to assemble goods. They also perform quality checks, monitor machines and much more. No matter the production position you take on, you’ll need:

  • Ability to read and write to communicate effectively
  • Advanced math, computer and engineering skills 
  • Knowledge of or the ability to learn industry procedures and standards
production line

Materials Planner

Production requires materials. And with so many different parts, strong materials planners are essential! As a materials planner, you will oversee the inventory of raw materials, coordinate shipments and track incoming materials. 

Mechanical Designer/Drafter

Producing goods requires machinery and mechanical devices. Mechanical designers/drafters create these machines! Mechanical designers often have degrees in engineering and experience using CADs and other engineering design systems. These design specialists draft illustrations and visual models of the machines other workers will use.

Production Planner/Scheduler

Do you have a strong understanding of resource allocation? Is making a schedule and tracking data something you enjoy? Production planners plan the manufacturing of various devices and goods. They organize data and materials, create tracking methods and organization systems, and keep everyone on track.

Reliability Engineer

Reliability engineers test products and goods to ensure they are reliable. They track product reliability through its life cycle and recommend future improvements. They are familiar with industry standards and understand how products function.

Find Your Production Career Today

We understand the importance of a meaningful career with excellent benefits and advancement opportunities. That’s why we help workers like you find the perfect production careers. We also help employers find exceptional candidates that will go above and beyond in their roles. So whether you’re a job seeker or an employer, JMJ is here to help.