Technicians in Manufacturing Supervisor Positions in Northwest Indiana

Supervisors are an integral part of any team. They ensure other workers are on track and doing the job right. In addition, supervisors are team leaders with great work ethics and people skills. So if you’re looking to lead a team, JMJ Staffing can help you find a supervisor position in the Region. Or, if your business is looking for a supervisor, we can help you find one!

Where Do Supervisors Work?

Because of their team role, supervisors work in every industry, organization and business. Their title may vary depending on their industry, and they most often work in manufacturing. Below are some featured supervisor positions from JMJ.

manufacturing supervisor

Production Supervisor

Production supervisors work in the production industry and monitor and supervise workers, equipment and machinery. In addition, they may be responsible for training personnel, creating schedules and identifying problems and solutions. Production supervisors know all production methods and systems to guide their team better. In addition, they keep the team on track and help them meet deadlines and production goals.

Operations Supervisor

Operations supervisors work in many industries, including manufacturing and construction. They oversee workers and systems, ensuring everything is operating correctly. They also create schedules and evaluate employees. Part of their role is to reduce loss and increase efficiency.

What Skills Do Supervisors Needs?

The skills you need as a supervisor vary depending on your industry. For example, supervisors in manufacturing need knowledge of manufacturing processes and methods, while supervisors in construction need construction experience! No matter the supervisory position you’re looking for, JMJ can help you find and prepare for it

In general, these are the skills and abilities that supervisors need, regardless of industry:

  • Previous work experience in the industry 
  • Excellent communication skills with employees and organizational leaders
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Ability to prioritize and reprioritize work and goals as needed
  • Ability to work well with others, regardless of role or background
  • Time management skills

Find a Supervisor Role Today

Whether you’re a job seeker looking for a supervisor position or an employer looking for the perfect supervisor, JMJ Staffing is here to help. We work with job seekers to identify strengths, help them find the ideal job and prepare them for their interviews. And we work with employers to recommend great candidates that will go above and beyond in a supervisory role. So get started today with JMJ Staffing.