Technicians in Manufacturing

Technician Jobs in Northwest Indiana

Manufacturing technicians are responsible for running and maintaining the equipment and assembly of products and goods in a factory, mill, or plant. These positions can be broad in nature, but they can also require very specific technical and mechanical skills.

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Multi-Craft Technicians

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multi-craft technicians

Automation Technician

This specialized technician is responsible for taking care of computer-controlled, automated systems involved in robotic assembly and other industrial applications. Automation technicians maintain these systems, diagnose problems that may arise, and repair or replace any parts that might be creating issues. As technology advances, upgrades and modifications may be necessary.

PLC Technician

PLCs, or programmable logic control devices, are miniature computers designed to communicate with and control machines used in manufacturing. A PLC technician program, install, debug, and repair these devices in order to ensure they work properly with other manufacturing equipment. This is a highly technical position that requires specific education and training.

Electromechanical Technician

If you have expertise in mechanical technology and electrical and electronic circuits, then an electromechanical technician position might be for you. These employees operate, test, and maintain robotic, unmanned, automated or electromechanical equipment in various industrial environments, everything from plastics to computers.

Industrial Engineering Technician

These technicians assist industries and manufacturing facilities with their productivity, safety, and efficiency. They work to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the manufacturing process by being responsible for planning workflow, conducting production studies, preparing machinery and equipment layouts, and more. They may also see if there is a need for equipment renovations, if more labor is needed on the factory floor, or if new assembly line strategies need to be implemented.

safety technician

Safety Technician

In a role that is just as important to other employees as it is to manufacturing companies all over, safety technicians are responsible for protecting employees, facilities, the public and the environment from occupational hazards, making sure workplaces of all kinds are safe across the board. These employees work to prevent accidents and stop injuries before they happen, whether due to physical harm or illness. In addition, safety technicians are also tasked with keeping company property and equipment safe from damage.

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