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Benefits that Benefit YOU!

JMJ Talent Solutions staffing company offers their employees the following…


Affordable Care Act compliant medical insurance plan


Additional Coverage

Dental, Vision and Short Term Disability Insurances are available for employees at an additional separate cost.


Referral Bonus

If a current employee refers an individual that completes 80 hours of work, the referring employee will receive a $30.00 bonus on the next paycheck.


1500 Hour Bonus

JMJ Employees are eligible for a $100.00 bonus once they have completed 1500 working hours in a consecutive 12 -month period.


Holiday Pay

An employee is eligible for Holiday Pay once they’ve worked 1200 hours within a consecutive 12-month period, and they need to work the scheduled day before AND after the holiday.
JMJ observes the following holidays:

New Year’s Day
Independence Day
Thanksgiving Day
Memorial Day
Labor Day
Christmas Day

Free Computer Training

We offer employees free computer training for those interested in refining their computer skills. Training available by appointment only.

Career Advice

We understand that job interviews can be intimidating, overwhelming and sometimes a bit scary. At JMJ, we want to make sure you’re equipped with the necessary tools and information you need to WOW potential future employees.

Tips for Successful Interviews


Before the day of your interview, spend time online researching the company website, learning who they are and what they do, along with how you would be an asset to them. Before your interview, JMJ will provide you with an overall summary about the company and its product, as well as job title, pay rate, benefits, etc.

Prepare Responses to Common Interview Questions

A good tool to remembering responses it to put them in story form that you can tell in your interview. You don’t need to memorize responses; you simply want to develop talking points that you can elaborate on further.

Dress for Success

First impressions are lasting, so you want to present yourself in a professional manner. Plan out a wardrobe that fits the organization and have it prepared the night before. Keep accessories and jewelry to a minimum, and leave all food/beverages/gum outside.

Be Punctual and Prepared

An interview is an appointment. The interviewer has taken time out of his/her schedule to meet with you, so plan to arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled interview time. If you arrive earlier, do not enter the interview area until 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time. Be sure to bring a pen/notepad with you for note taking, along with extra copies of your resume, and a portfolio/samples of your work if applicable. And don’t forget…turn your cell phone OFF!

Compile Follow-up Questions

At the end of the interview, the person conducting the interview will ask if you have any questions. It is a good idea to have prepared three to five insightful questions to ask relating to the business or position. Avoid questions about pay rate, vacation, etc.

Stay on Track

It is very common to start rambling when feelings of nervousness set in, which is why it is a good idea to have prepared responses to common interview questions. Keep your responses short and to the point, but be sure to let your personality shine through your responses. Remember, you are there to sell yourself and your qualifications to the interviewer. Be authentic and positive, citing examples that showcase your accomplishments and qualifications whenever possible.

Understand Your Weaknesses

“What are your weaknesses?” A very common interview question, which is why it is vital to know yours, so you can have a thought-out, prepared response. Think about what you struggle with and the steps you’ve taken to turn those struggles into strength.

Sell Yourself

This is your opportunity to explain to the interviewer why you would be the perfect fit for this position. Imagine the interview is a sales call, you’re the salesman, and the product is your abilities to do the job. Sell yourself on why they should hire you!


1. How do I apply for a job?
Applying is easy…Click here! Or, submit your resume to hr@jmjtalent.com
You can also contact a Staffing Consultant at any of our three Northwest Indiana locations to begin your job search:

Highland, IN
Portage, IN
Michigan City, IN
LaPorte, IN
2. When will I be brought in for an interview?
3. When will I start working?*
4. What should I bring with me on an interview?
5. Do you check references?
6. Do you run background checks?
7. Are you going to charge me or take a fee from my check?
8. What are the benefits to JMJ employees?
9. How and when will I get paid?
10. Where can I find my W2 and other important documents?
11. What happens if I do not like the job or realize it’s not a good fit for me?